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RCIS Cluster Level Sports Meet

Sports should be an integral part of our life for good physical fitness and strength. Sports activities not only keep our body healthy but also builds discipline in the practitioners. It makes our life interesting by teaching us to work hard and push ourselves to reach a new height. Regular engagement in sports helps build leadership, teamwork, friendship, mutual respect, understanding of the value of hard work, and dedication, and moreover, helps make decisions and overcome adversity.



The cluster-level sports meet was held on the 26th and 27th of July 2022 in Kuduregere. This two days event was filled with excitement and enthusiasm among the students. The RCIS Principal declared sports day as open and four different sports were played namely kabaddi, throwball, volleyball, and kho-kho.



The dignitaries present on the stage were Mr. Lokesh chairman of BMN public school, Mr. Narasimha, HeadMaster of GN public school Makli, and Mr. Jagadeesh ECO Yelahanka division, and Mr. Ramchandra Reddy, chairman of RCIS. RCIS is the best international schools in thammenahalli and took the responsibility to sponsor the prize money.


The rolling trophy was won by Government high school Makali.

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