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Welcome to RCIS

Learning through Experience

Welcome To RCIS

RCIS has modern infrastructure facilities required for quality English international school Hesaraghatta road. The school teaches moral values, discipline, and human ethics and, focuses on the overall personality development of the child along with focusing on the academic syllabus.

A school is a place where children learn, play grow and develop self-esteem to serve society when they are future-ready. RCIS nurtures children by deeply understanding their emotions with education. Regular engagement in studies and cocurricular activities makes them find their hidden strength, think critically, and develop brotherhood among friends.

Students are also trained for various national and international level, science and maths competitions like Olympiad, Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY), etc.

Why only RCIS is best Solution for Education

RCIS not only focuses on academics but also on the child’s overall development mentally and physically. Under the guidance of teachers, they are trained to solve problems, think critically, and apply knowledge in the real world.

Values the Child Get


Discipline is necessary for our daily life to achieve something. Without discipline learning is impossible and a person has no value.

Moral Education

We focus on moral education. Upon completion of education students will be equipped with moral values and ethics that will gain their respect in society.

Practical based learning

The aim of learning is to apply them in real-world problem-solving. RCIS focuses on practical-based learning to make the learning experience more interesting.

Co-curricular activities

Cocurricular activities help students stay fit and active both physically and mentally. It also triggers their brain for creativity, decision-making, smart work, etc.

Our Facilities


A spacious and fully furnished smart classroom that makes learning more interesting.


Well-maintained science and computer labs supervised by the lab in charge.

Play area

Play area for different age groups indoors and playground for outdoor sports.

Resource center

A library with a wide range of book collections and learning resources.

CCTV monitoring

The entire campus is monitored by CCTV along with security guards to ensure the safety of the children.

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts classes are conducted to make students think and design creatively.

Health care

The campus has a basic healthcare facility with a first aid kit, bed, medicines, etc.

Info & News

Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and counseling have become an integral part of our school’s academic program. It cultivates in students the right kind of attitude towards life.

Lab & Activities

RC International provides a well-designed computer lab for students of all classes, which is run by a well-educated and qualified faculty, with one-on-one access.

RCIS is the favorite school for kids for CBSE education. We make school life funnier and more interactive with quality education.

RC International has highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty, who not only fulfill the academic needs of the students but also involve in a committed fashion in their holistic development. The teachers are classroom managers who are always available to guide and counsel the children even after school hours.

The RC International School has carved a niche for itself in domains of academic, cultural, literary, sports and games among the State and C.B.S.E. affiliated schools.

The school’s Faculty Improvement Programme enables teachers to keep themselves abreast of the new developments in the educational technology. They periodically attend workshops /seminars and conferences organized by NCERT, C.B.S.E., and local educational agencies.The healthy and congenial environment of the campus provides spacious classrooms, playgrounds and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, mathematics and Computer Science, workshop for the students.

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